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How We Can Help

Are you working long hours in your business, yet are constantly chasing that elusive cash flow? Are you looking for a loan or cash influx from investors, but your financial records are in such poor shape that no one will offer financing? Are your Quick books records such a mess that your tax preparer doesn’t want to look at till until they are straightened out? Small Business CFO can help you.


Improve Cash Flow through…

  • Quick Collecting Accounts Receivables
  • Examining and Lowering Inventory
  • Purchasing vs Leasing Business Equipment
  • Managing Planned Spending with Cash Flow Projections

Improve P&L by…

  • Reducing Operating Expenses
  • Reducing A/R Carrying Costs
  • Reducing Inventory Expenses [physical loses, obsolescence, etc]
  • Competitive Shopping for Expenditures [insurance coverages, credit card merchants, banks, etc]

Improve Balance Sheet via…

  • Cleaning-up A/R
  • Stream-lining Inventory
  • Performing Accounting Reviews
  • Comparing Business Performance vs Industry Competitors

Improve Accounting Systems by…

  • Cleaning-up Accounting Records
  • Reviewing Software Functions and Execution [Accounting, Inventory]
  • Applying Required Updates for Improved Software Performance
  • Backing-up Data [should the unfortunate occur]