Block 1

Small Business CFO will help your small business:

  • Prepare Financial Statements and Trial Balance for your income tax preparer
  • Develop Views and Reviews of Line of Business Profitability
  • Assist with Facilitating Loans
  • Generate Financial Models for Potential Investors
  • Expand, Buy or Sell Your Business

New and potential business owners need Small Business CFO to

  • Follow Protocols to Incorporate the Business [Florida; LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc]
  • Obtain EIN from IRS
  • Acquire Required Licenses
  • Help Facilitate Financing
  • Secure Insurance Coverage [Workers Comp, Liability, Property & Casualty, etc]
  • Setup Accounting Systems
  • Review Potential Business Purchases



CPA firms in Tampa that concentrate primarily on audits and taxes may come across client record errors and they do not have available staff to review and correct them. Specific services managed by Small Business CFO to assist CPA’s include:

  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Forecasting and Cash Flow Management
  • Preparing Financial Statements [balance sheets, income & equity statements, cash flow, etc]
  • Reviewing and Reconciling Client Accounts and Business Bank Statements
  • Examining Profits by Line of Business, Product or Geographical Area
  • Analyze Transaction Processing
  • Correcting client QuickBooks records
  • Executing Year-End Trial Balance for Tax Preparer
  • Assisting with QuickBooks or Related Software Issues
  • Training the Staff
Block 2

Expanded services provided  include:

  • Serving as Interim CFO until Permanent CFO is Appointed
  • Analyzing Variances to Budget, Standard to Expected Outcomes
  • Overseeing Special Projects [New Accounting/ERP Implementation, Business Profitability, etc]
  • Researching Acquisitions, Sales of Businesses, etc
  • Accounting Forensic Reviews with/by Specialists
  • Presenting Relative Information/Reports to Business-Related Groups
  • Explaining/Applying Fraud Prevention Tips